Logitech MX Master 3

Tools for developers – Logitech MX Master 3 mouse

I have been using the original Logitech MX Master mouse daily for many years and stopped working
recently. First the left mouse click sometimes wouldn’t work and later the mouse movement stopped
completely. It was time for a replacement. I first thought about the Logitech MX Master 2S – it is
very similar to the original MX Master, with some improvements. When I was in the store to purchase
the 2S, I noticed the MX Master 3 – there are some differences: the thumb wheel is a little bigger,
the thumb buttons for forward/back have a better place and the main scroll wheel has an electromagnetic
braking system.

The Logitech MX Master 3 is quite expensive: 108 euro. Although I thought this is too much for a mouse,
I realized that I use this all the time and I can spend a bit more on professional tools. As a software
developer, your interface with the computer is a mouse and keyboard. These are the tools of our trade,
so I ended up buying the MX Master 3.

In daily use the MX Master 3 mouse immediately felt very comfortable. I almost forgot that it is a new
mouse, except for the thumb wheel and buttons. These are placed a little different from the old Master
and I sometimes had adjust my thumb to use it. The placement of the forward/button button is much better,
it is now much easier to use them – these buttons on the old mouse were not so use to use.

There is an additional button below the thumb wheel and buttons – this was not so easy to use on the
old mouse, but now has a more distinct click. In Ubuntu Linux this button lets you switch windows quickly
and works great.

The greatest improvement is the scroll wheel. It has a new fly wheel mechanism – the old mouse had a
mechanical braking mechanism and made a rattling sound. The new wheel feels very smooth. When you scroll
fast it spins freely and stops using electromagnets with hardly any noise. When you scroll slowly you
clearly feel the brake and is still quiet. It is a joy to use.

The Logitech Master MX 3 mouse is great for anyone who is a professional computer user – the precision
of this mouse is great and the scroll flywheel is fantastic when you scroll through long documents.
For developers this mouse is great because you can back/forward quickly with the thumb buttons. Also
switching active windows with the thumb button is great for switching between documentation and code.

This is not a sponsored review – I paid for this mouse with my own money.